Ready-Made Products - Individual and precise fit

Further processing required?

In our ready-made department we produce screen cylinders, screen baskets, bags or screen belts from the different types of mesh with all available mesh sizes or filter finenesses, according to your requirements.

Cords, tapes or Velcro fasteners are sewn on to match the screen mesh materials. Snap rings or wire rings can also be sewn in. For stable seams, we draw on a large portfolio of reinforced seam types or our proven welded seams. 

In addition, eyelets can be inserted or fasteners can be attached.  

For coarser mesh fabrics, we offer the possibility of welding meshes with ultrasonic technology to prevent fraying. It can also be used to join different types of fabrics or plastics together. 

We are also happy to make a sample in advance and discuss the exact manufacturing process with you.